About Us

Welcome to Crushed Wines, thanks for checking us out!

Crushed Wines was born over zoom, when four inspired gals with a few decades of wine, restaurant & marketing experience between them came together to offer a different wine shopping experience. 

We are driven by uncomplicating and uncovering the joy of small-batch wine from around the world. Bringing those bottles to Hong Kong in both a retail & online store that creates a platform for wines to take center stage. One that highlights each bottle’s unique story. A space that expresses an unpretentious, unfiltered understanding of wine.

Our goal is to curate a space where friends, neighbours and the community can uncover a different side of wines. Not just how delicious and approachable they are, but how they play an important role in the world, sowing sustainability in their vineyards, cellars and communities.


Meet Cami ✋
Having worked her way up in the F & B game, Cami is now the proud owner of our city’s beloved @brut_hk restaurant and wine bar.
She’s been advocating for quaffable, sustainable and forward-thinking wines and wineries since the moment she hit the scene here in Hong Kong. She believes strongly in the power of community and in preserving it’s delicate ecosystem.
It’s with a lot of love and enthusiasm that she’s paired up with long term girlfriends to help breathe life into their shared passion project - Crushed.
A space where wine, people and planet can all live together in perfect harmony.

Meet Fifi!
Her wine story started when she moved from Hong Kong to New Zealand aged 15. With aunties growing wines in Martinborough, a best friend in Hawkes Bay, and parents living on Waiheke, she was spoiled for choice when it came to learning about and engaging with some pretty incredible wines.
Fast forward a couple of decades, and she is still learning!
Her main area of focus has been building a presence for some of the new world wines we know and love here in HK through her import and distribution company. With her calm optimism that runs as deep as her love for wine, she keeps the Crushed gals on track and the bottles arriving on time.
She is over the moon to be exploring and sharing even more of what the ever-changing wine world has to offer. 🤍🤍

Meet Leigh-Ann 👋
Since her first sniff of a perfumey Viognier, Leigh-Ann was determined to get to know more about the wide, wonderful and occasionally weird world of wine, from joining (many!) tastings to jobs in tasting rooms, auction houses and importers.
Starting Crushed is a little like coming home for Leigh-Ann, putting her back in conversation with the people behind the wines she fell so hard for, helping them grow their baby wine projects by sharing them with you and being able to tell the kinds of stories that will help you fall down this glorious, vinous rabbit hole with her – just like the person who did that for her.

Meet Jamie 🖐
For Jamie, it was red table wine in Italy that got her crushing hard.
That crush turned into a real-life love affair when Cami introduced her to the marvels of the natural wine world, and she’s been dreaming of sharing her love story with the world ever since.
Global brand strategist and marketing (master)mind, Jamie is our true North when it comes to ensuring every decision we make is led by our purpose of supporting sustainable businesses while building our own as consciously and mindfully as we can.