Book Club: What Makes a Wine Worth Drinking by Terry Theise

Part of what inspired me to dig into the idea of terroir was my current read, What Makes a Wine Worth Drinking, because, well, terroir plays a pretty big part in exactly that! 

About the book:

As Terry Theise reveals in this gem of a book, answering the seemingly simple question “what makes a wine worth drinking” requires us to look beyond what’s in our glass to consider much bigger questions about beauty, harmony, soulfulness, and the values that we hold dear. 

A bit about the author:

Award-winning writer, acclaimed wine importer, advocate for wines with umlauts in their name, and overall wine guru, Terry Theise truly and deeply loves wines and has managed to make a pretty decent career out of that.

Why we’re crushing on this read:

Our little shop baby is literally all about authenticity. A word that’s brought time and time again in this thought-provoking love letter to wine and its creators by author Terry Theise. It’s important to us to keep up with the voices in the wine industry who are advocating for honest wine and winemakers. Throughout this book, Theise guides us along his own journey in wine, introducing all the characters who have aided in defining his life, showing us how we can find even more beauty in our own.  Plus, it's a book about wine that's easy & inspiring to read - making it approachable and even easier to love. 


- Camille

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