Meet the Maker (kinda): The Wine Thief

He's not a winemaker...

And he's the first to make sure he's clear about that. He doesn't make the wines he sells under his brand, The Wine Thief. He gets very good winemakers to do it on his behalf, but gets his hands dirty as much as he can while it's being made. 
(We did get a sneak preview of a wine Ewan is actually making himself...but that's a story for next year!)

So what is he then?

Originally from the UK, he's a sommelier with a background in beer. Using his somm-spidey senses, he works closely with a handful of wonderful winemakers dotted across South Africa to create wines that are delightful, delicious and downright dreamy. 

What about the wines?

Ewan is the man behind some of the bottles you've loved the most at Crushed to date. Remember the pretty pink label Colombard? That's him! The new vintage is on the shelves this week, joined by a gorgeous Mourvedre that the Verburgs make for him over at Luddite (the folks behind Saboteur).

While The Wine Thief is his main gig, you may recognise Ewan's name from a few other wines at Crushed - he helps Christa von La Chevallerie create some funkier styles for the Costa del Swart label (MORE EXCITING STUFF COMING!) and he works with Lindile Ndzaba on the beloved Khayelitsha's Finest Wines!

*Image cred to Ewan's lovely wife, Verity Fitzgerald

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