Meet the Makers: Guthrie Family Wines

Meet Caroline & Blair!

They met as interns in the cellar at Paul Hobbs (a pretty famous winery in the US). Three gorgeous kids and a wine brand later, here we are.  
Well, sort of. There was a year in Australia - a little closer to home for New Zealander, Blair. And day jobs at other wineries. Blair still makes the wines for his in-laws' brand - wines that are more traditional and high-end.

With Guthrie Family Wines, he and Caroline wanted to create moral-based wines that reflected the way they live their lives - eating clean, speaking up for what they believe in, encouraging social justice, and preserving the world for their kids the generations beyond. They want to make honest, authentic wines that align with their principles. 

They don't own vineyards yet but work closely with their growers to encourage regenerative and organic farming methods and fair employment practices.
The winemaking is 'pre-industrial' - which means there's less machinery involved and less added to the wine.

Starting with the 2020 vintage, they're adding ingredient lists to the labels - because it's only fair to know when there's more than just grapes and sulphur.

Some other fun facts:

They partner with amazing up-and-coming artists from around the world to design their labels (Blair designed the first few, including Archival and Chateau Guthrie).

The wines are named alphabetically in order of release because each wine having its own name allows it to have its own personality. 

Take a look at their wines here.

Photo Credit: Emma K. Morris

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