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Meet Chad + Bree Stock

Winemaker and Master of Wine, husband and wife, generally amazing humans. 

Beyond making some of the most deliciously exciting wines, they're doing so with so much intention - building a business model that's sustainable for them, their community and future generations. 

The Stocks have no plans to own their own land and are deliberately working with a hodgepodge of grapes that ripen at different times - not exactly your traditional approach.  Not owning land means they get to support farmers they know and love. The mixed bag of grapes means the growing season is longer, allowing them to offer seasonal workers more stable employment. The plant diversity is also an investment in the future of the local wine industry as the climate becomes less optimal for delicate grapes like Pinot Noir which make up so much of the plantings in the area. 

They both have some pretty impressive academic qualifications, and they've chosen to leave what their classic training taught them at the door in favour of exploring what tastes good and let that be their guide.  

Some other fun facts:

- You may know Chad's winemaking from little projects like Omero and Minimus (find some more super limited quantity bottles in-store!)

- Bree is a Master of Wine - a title currently shared with only 419 other people in the WORLD 

- While Chad is officially the winemaker, we have Bree to thank for the light, not-quite-wine that is the Public Service Piquette. And the Cab Franc Pét-Net Rosé (Chad makes this one, but only because Bree insists!)

Take a look at their wines here.

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