Meet the Makers: Borgo Stajnbech

Meet Rebecca, Adriana + Giuliano Valent

By far the smallest winery in the Trevenezia area, with only about 17ha of vines, Borgo Stajnbech is a family-run operation.  Giuliano and Adriana started the winery in 1991 and (although she won't admit it), we expect daughter, Rebecca, to be taking over in the next few years.  Giuliano, winemaker and viticulturist, has a whopping 53 harvests under his belt, having started out working for his father who instilled in him both a deep respect for more traditional varieties (like Tai) and an in-built appreciation for the land.  Their land is their home, and therefore he, and now Rebecca, are strong believers that it must be treated carefully. They're low intervention farmers and recently receiving their SQNPI Certification for sustainable agriculture after a 2-year conversion!

They're making some fantastic wines - so much so that Robert Parker (arguably the most famous wine critic in the world) requested their wines for ratings. The wines are both very traditional under Giuliano's direction and a few with a more New World influence thanks to Rebecca's studies in the U.S.

Some Fun Facts:

- Tai (formerly known as Tocai Friulano before Tokaj in Hungary officially claimed the name) is the name of a white grape indigenous to the area and usually only produced there - it works a treat with loads of Asian foods.

- Lison is a geographical area that grows Tai. The 150 from Stajnbech is a Lison Classico (classified as DOCG), which means it's an even smaller region within Lison that produces extra special grapes - the Valents consider this one their Grand Cru vineyard!

- They also use two acacia barrels on the 150 - approximately 5 - 7% of the wine (as opposed to traditional oak) - to highlight the characteristic acacia flower nose of the Tai grape. 

Take a look at their wines here.

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